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Mykonos in the '60s, Life Magazine

A Legendary Story

A landmark building, a visionary architect and an extraordinary location. This is the revival of a story that began in the 1960s.

Since the 1950s, Mykonos has been a favorite destination for the cosmopolitan jet set that were drawn to the island’s beauty and laid-back charm of the Greek lifestyle. It took the bold vision of post-modern architect, Aris Konstantinidis, and an unparalleled location at the edge of town to create the island’s first five-star hotel.

Our premises, early '60s

A landmark building

This architectural beauty, the insider’s choice, will dazzle you with its history and soul connection to the beauty of the Cyclades.

Built in 1960, visually striking and harmoniously landscaped to the natural environment; born from the same stone as the existing sea walls, and hailing across the way to Delos, the birthplace of light, this mythic establishment set the pace for a new era in eclectic travel. Now a landmark domain and a protected UNESCO heritage site, Mykonos Theoxenia, continues to innovate and surprise its guests with sophisticated aesthetics and the contemporary feel of its timeless design.

Spanish magazine Arquitectura, vol. 82, 1965.

Our philosophy is to stay abreast of times and trends while maintaining the building’s integrity and style.

A previous 2015 renovation celebrated our inception. Inspired by the nostalgic and playful glam of the ‘60s, we recreated a fresh, pop environment. The lively, colorful ambiance had a predominance of pastel yellows, pinks and greens that felt audacious at the time but complemented the architect’s post-modern vision. The overall vibe was of a uniquely quaint boutique hotel that channeled a much-beloved era.

The renovation by next generation architects, Vois

A daring renovation

The unique UNESCO heritage site revives its interiors and exteriors for a compelling and contemporary appeal. This is the revival of a Myth.

Perfectly aligned with the architect’s original conception, a complete renovation sees us inspired by the essence of the archetypal Greek summer and transforms our grounds and accommodations to speak to the heart of the contemporary traveler. Clean lines, bright, airy spaces, natural, soft linens, offset the building’s original stone and marble elements and strong, linear rhythm.

A new kind of hospitality

True Mykonos chic is always effortless, barefoot and easygoing.  Essentials we reflect in our aesthetics and approach to hospitality.

Our passion for hospitality and our love of the island is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on creating a joyful and bright atmosphere that engages you and reveals the carefree pleasures and experiences of the unforgettable Greek summer. With welcoming arms, we nurture the journey of our guests to fulfill their personal purpose and invite you to discover the beauty and euphoria that is the essence of the Greek lifestyle.